git-hub -- GitHub from the command line

An intermediate talk proposed by Ingy döt Net

Do you love GitHub, but hate doing everything from their web UI? Imagine adding the same 5 collaborators to 10 repositories. Ingy döt Net has recently written the 'hub' command for git. Now you can write commands like this: for repo in $(git hub repos -q -c 10); do git hub repo $repo trust tenderlove zenspider drbrain bleything ingydotnet; done This `git-hub` command exposes much of GitHub's v3 REST API, in the simplest way possible from the command line. It supports a plugin system so that you can easily write your own `git hub` commands. Finally, the command was written entirely in *Bash*, but ended up being an amazingly clean library, almost on par with *Ruby*. Ingy will show you the basic commands, how to install and setup your own copy, the basics of a git extension, and how to write your own plugins.

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