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Mike Mondragon

Ruby makes me happy.

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Mike Tierney

Michael is an illustrator and UI designer/developer, working primarily with Ruby. He likes to create things that make other people's lives more enjoyable. His free time is spent playing video games, painting, and maintaining a handful of ruby gems like csspool and artii.

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Alex Vollmer


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Pete Higgins

I'm a full-time professional ruby developer and a part-time amateur rubyist. I live in seattle and I like ruby, linux and lowercase.

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Dean Hudson

Dean is interested in art, data visualization, emerging technology, and making games for the open web. He currently works at Massively Fun as a game developer, and is an MCDM Fellow at the University of Washington.

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Daniel Azuma

Daniel Azuma has been using Ruby since 2005, and has a particular interest in geospatial programming with Ruby and Rails. In his spare time, he studies theology, bicycles around western Washington, and imitates cats.

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Wilson Bilkovich

Honorary Member

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Bethany Rentz

I am a ruby developer at NIRD, who loves using Ruby and Ruby on Rails to solve problems.

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Kavita Sachdeva

Software developer, currently attending

Ben Bleything

Co-founder and organizer of Cascadia Ruby.

Geoffrey Grosenbach


Evan Phoenix

Ex-member and founder of _very_ south-seattle.rb. Author of rubinius.

Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson fell in love with Seattle and Ruby in 2001. He’s worked for ATT,, and and has contributed Ruby open source projects such as the popular Nokogiri. Aaron also loves blogging about his latest adventures in coding and meat products.

Ivan Stork


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Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis has been using Ruby since 2000; his background includes QA, automation, language and tool development, object databases, and smalltalk in ruby/rails. He has worked on developer productivity and test automation tools such as heckle, hoe, ruby_parser, ruby2c, ruby2ruby, rubyinline, zentest, minitest, and many more. Additionally, he’s a loving cat foster parent, a culinary enthusiast, and a proud geoduck.

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Aja Hammerly

Aja loves writing ruby. She's passionate about education technology and giant piles of data. She'd like to learn more about data mining and data visualization.

Miles Forrest


Suzy Royse

Hi there! I recently finished the Firehose Project, where I studied Ruby on Rails and am looking to network and better my craft!

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Stu Jones


Joel Smith

Devops, Rails dev, entrepreneur

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Justin Grevich

Although I love many programming languages, I currently focus on all things Ruby, especially that related to home automation, security, and web development. I am enthralled by information security and aspire to become a respected member of the community.

Brian Pina

Life long programmer, and many years a Ruby developer. I like working with systems and distributed service layers, but spend most of my time working on monolithic Rails applications. In another life, I worked with something called .NET, which I used for building laboratory systems.

Mohnish Thallavajhula

I <3 Ruby and <3 Opensource!

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David Justice


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Michael Mentele


Matt Sears

Ruby on Rails developer for over 10 years now living in Capital Hill.

Scott Windsor

Scott Windsor has been professionally coding for over a decade, and hacking on ruby since 2006. He's worked for amazon, then startups, then back to amazon again after an acquisition. He also teaches ruby (and programming) on occasion.

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Ray Lucke

Ray Lucke has been a Rubyist for seven years and, when not writing software of some sort, can be found at a nearby park practicing Parkour. Favorite discussion topics also include Postgres, systems programming, and strong ales.

Jared Rader

Jared is a developer for Bloc, the world's largest online software development bootcamp. He is a graduate of a bootcamp himself and is passionate about programming education. He enjoys learning about programming languages, especially Ruby and JavaScript. He lives in the Bay Area but is in Seattle for the summer.

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Heather Herrington

I'm in Cohort 6 at Ada Developers Academy in downtown Seattle. I'm just starting out on my Ruby journey, but I'm enjoying the ride! Ruby is my first language. I know a bit of JavaScript, but radically prefer Ruby.

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Fong Fan


Daniel Dosen

Ex MSer focused on Ruby/Rails/Node/Backbone/iOS development in a lean way...

Joanna Rives

I am a novice programmer looking forward to starting classes at Ada Developers Academy this summer.

Michael Giarlo

Mike is a quasi-developer/quasi-manager type who works for Stanford University Libraries. He's been semi-actively contributing to Ruby-based open-source projects, primarily in the cultural heritage community, since 2011 and has been learning and re-learning Rails since 2005. He telecommutes from his home in Seward Park where he can keep an eye on that pesky volcano to the southeast -- when it's not too cloudy.


Novice Rubyist currently attending #vetswhocode. Leveling up Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills

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Chris Sargeant

Ballistics Technician with a fond love for programing and system administration. Polygot but a Rubyist at heart!

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Phil Crissman

I do things with ruby

Eric Hodel

Eric Hodel is a Ruby committer and maintainer of RubyGems, RDoc, mechanize and many other ruby libraries.  He also commits documentation from the project.  In his spare time he looks at the stars and plays video games.

Mark Ayers

Mark Ayers is a human and a philosopher serf. He lives in the City of Edmonds, the State of Washington, the United States of America. He enjoys the various advantages of a great city and a small coastal town nestled in a region between two mountain ranges, divided by the southern Salish Sea and a series of freshwater lakes and rivers. Life here is a wonderful combination of outdoor adventure and indoor entertainment. Mark lived in Italy for a year in the early 1980s and in Turkey for a year in the early 1990s. He earned a degree in political science at The University at Albany, State University of New York. He works on the technology behind a global top 100 website.

Matthew Bell

Emerging Ruby/Rails developer

Sage Ross

mainly interested in marketing the moon.

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travis spangle

Key to happiness is bikes, brew's & ruby!

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Erik Hollembeak


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A developer living in Seattle with a passion for writing well-tested clean code in a wide range of languages.