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This is nerd focused... Not marketing-focused. Not sales-focused. Not recruitment-focused. If you want to talk about your company, just make sure you talk about using your product. Something we can share.

Proposed Talks

RoR Devloper From India

A beginner talk proposed by Anil Yadav

Hello's friends my name is Anil (anil826 over Internet world ). I am beginner Ruby on Rails developer in India. I love work on new technologies.

How We Rails: A Yammer Story

A beginner talk proposed by Ben Rinaca

Engineers want to engineer. Product wants to ship new features. Customers want services to be uninterrupted. We'll talk about some of the tools and processes Yammer uses to help juggle these... read more

Getting Your Foot in the Door with a Non-Traditional Background

A beginner talk proposed by Erica Melzer

The bulk of my talk would be about the concept of getting hired based on what you can do, rather than where you got your CS degree (if you have one at all) as well as the the importance of building... read more

financial advisor

A beginner talk proposed by Kos Takahashi

I would like to help small business owners to have his/her own retirement plan for tax efficient retirement plan. Many of them do not know it. I can give 10 minute educational seminar withour... read more

Madscribes and Mentoring

A beginner talk proposed by Todd Lynam

I'd like to talk about some code I think is interesting from a social story game I'm working on called I'd also like to share some of my mentoring experiences and what I've found... read more

Cancer Research Connect

An intermediate talk proposed by Dan McKeon

I just graduated from Dev Bootcamp and for our final project, we created a platform called Cancer Research Connect to help people who have cancer access clinical trials: read more

Let's Talk About DCI

An intermediate talk proposed by Jared Rader

DCI (Data, Context, Interaction) is a paradigm that aims to capture programmer intent by making your source code more accurately reflect your runtime. It got some attention in the Ruby and Rails... read more - changing the world with Ruby on Rails

An intermediate talk proposed by Jeremy Stone, built on Ruby on Rails, is transforming computer science education and getting computer science into all schools for all kids. started from humble roots of passionate... read more

If Eigen Do It, So Can You!

An intermediate talk proposed by Kai Curtis

Learn the fundamentals of matrix math and get exposure to many of its uses, some more familiar, some less! (Warning: current format is an hour long; working on a slimmer version.) No code, but... read more

Software engineer

An intermediate talk proposed by Nithin Bharadhwaj

Hey, I am a Ruby enthusiast. I would love to learn more and share ideas


An advanced talk proposed by Dmitry Polyakovsky

Scaling Rails apps with Redis for caching and background jobs

Containers and Kubernetes

An advanced talk proposed by Julia Ferraioli


A lightning talk proposed by Gerson


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